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Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins

Adobe Plug-ins is a powerful mechanism to extend functionality of Adobe products. It allows 3rd party developers and Adobe itself to ship pieces of functionality as separate modules which are pluggable to the Adobe products. The application which can use plug-ins is called plug-in host application. Besides Adobe Photoshop following applications are capable of acting as plug-in hosts:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Adobe PhotoDeluxe

These applications support not all of the Adobe Photoshop plug-ins but only the compatible ones. Certain 3rd party applications are also capable of running plug-ins in Adobe Photoshop format.

Adobe Photoshop plug-ins could run on Mac OS and Windows OS platforms. Though some plug-ins support running only on one of the platforms.

Depending on the plugin type different file extensions are assigned to plugin file:

  • 8BF file extension. Filter plugins modify an area of an image selected by the user. Filter plugins are accessed via the Filters menu.
  • 8BA file extension. Import/acquisitions plugins.
  • 8BC file extension. Color picker plugins. Allow to provide a custom color selection experience for the user.
  • 8BE file extension. Export plugins are used to output image from the document currently opened in Adobe Photoshop.
  • 8BI file extension. File format plugins provide support for additional graphics file formats when File->Open… menu is selected.
  • 8LI file extension. Automation plugins. Sometimes also called scripting plug-ins, automation plug-ins are used to help user create and work with custom scripts which automate routine or long tasks.
  • 8BP file extension. General type plugins. This file extension could be used by any type of plug-in.
  • 8BS file extension. Selection plugins work with selected pixels and paths.
  • 8BX file extension. Extension plugins.
  • 8BY file extension. Parser type plugins.

All Adobe Phoshop plug-ins are executable binaries and could not be opened for editing. They also are only compatible with hosts applications which support Adobe Photoshop plug-in API.