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Photoshop Specific Graphics Files

PSD File

Adobe Photoshop container format. One of the most popular raster container files. Supports images with resolution up to 30,000x30,000 pixels.

PSB File

Photoshop big file. Similar to PSD in format, but supports raster image resolution up to 300,000x300,000 pixels.

EPS File

Photoshop Encapsulated Postscript is used to store both vector and raster images. Adobe Photoshop is capable of opening and saving EPS files. All vector graphics in EPS file will be rasterized for compatibility with Photoshop editing capabilities.

DCS File

Desktop Color Separations (DCS) is the enhanced EPS file format introduced by Quark, Inc. DCS files stores CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) image separated into 5 sub-files: main CMYK image and four files corresponding to individual color channels. DCS files are used in publishing to save images in a ready for printing format. When printing on a postscript printer DCS files channels could be loaded into a printer without additional processing on a printer side. DCS file format was quite useful when CPUs and printer postscript processing were slow and color separation took significant amount of time. But at this moment color separation could happen really quickly on any professional workstation which makes DCS files mostly irrelevant.

Photoshop RAW File

Photoshop RAW file format is used to store unencoded and uncompressed image in a file. It is different from camera RAW file format which is specific for each camera vendor.

Photoshop Digital Negative File

DNG file format is used by Photoshop to save raw camera images in a generic and compatible format. DNG was introduced to replace camera RAW file format and make it more compatible. It received mixed reception and is currently supported by some vendors and software packages.

Photoshop PDF File

Photoshop PDF file is similar to PDF in file format but also stored information specific to Adobe Photoshop editing. PDF files with Photoshop editing enabled can only contain a single image.