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Paint.NET File Types

Container image file

Paint.NET document (PDN) is an image container file format used by Paint.NET. It stores all structures required to restore file editing state to the point from which it was saved.

Below is a list of features supported by PDN file.

  • Layers. Paint.NET image consists of the set of layers with position, image pixels, blending and alpha options specified for each pixel. Also, currently active layer is saved to the PDF file. Layer order is also stored.
  • Selection. Current selection is stored in PDN file.
  • Color mode.

Editing history is not saved to PDN files. Make sure to finalize editing before exiting the Paint.NET as it won’t be possible to undo your actions after you exit from Paint.NET.

Plugin Files

Paint.NET functionality could be extended with a 3rd party software code shipped as plug-ins. Paint.NET plug-ins are typically distributed as DLL files compressed and stored in ZIP archive. To install a Paint.NET plug-in, you need to download it, extract DLL from the ZIP archive and copy it to the Paint.NET effects folder. Once plug-in is copied it should be available from the Effect menu of Paint.NET. If it is not, try to unblock the plug-in DLL file by clicking a right mouse button on it and selecting “Properties”. At the bottom of the dialog look for the security section and “Unblock” button. Click on it to “Unblock” the DLL file downloaded from the internet.

Scripting Files

Paint.NET does not support scripting or actions out of the box. The only possible way to make a script is to write a plug-in on one of the .NET framework languages. But there is a great tool which can simplify Paint.NET plug-in development. It is called CodeLab and it is supported and developed by The plug-in allows creation of Paint.NET plug-ins directly from the Paint.NET CodeLab plug-in interface. The code is also compiled on the fly and could be executed right away on the current selection which is great for easy debugging and testing. With CodeLab you can quickly create your own scripting, actions or effect plugin and even distribute it to other users.